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Welcome Winter 2023 Co-op Students!

H2O Geomatics is welcoming three new UWaterloo co-op students to the team this winter. The students will be with us until April. Read about their background and experience below!

Hello, I'm Kasope. I’m a fourth year Geomatics student at the University of Waterloo. I’m truly fascinated by physics and interconnectedness of geographies and their applications in urban settings. I recently worked in the remote sensing industry on the data providing end, as well as helped in the research of lake ice concentration which ties in perfectly with the project I’m working on at H2O Geomatics

Hello, I'm Sam. I started my undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in the Fall of 2019. As part of the co-operative education program, I have joined the team at H2O Geomatics for a 4 month internship during the Winter 2023 term.

I work at the intersection of mathematics, computation, and the natural sciences. I'm most passionate about working with complex systems, whether they be biological, ecological or meteorological.

My past co-operative experiences have focused on data-driven modelling of earth systems, including hydrological and atmospheric models. At H2O Geomatics, I am researching the viability of using data driven methods such as machine learning to model and forecast ice phenology.

In future I hope to work in a similar capacity, but with modelling of ecological and biological systems.

Hello, I'm Edward, a third year computer science student attending the University of Waterloo. This is my third co-op position here at H2O Geomatics; previously I've worked as an instructional support assistant for the university and as a programmer for the Ontario Ministry of Health. I spend most of my spare time (perhaps too much of it) reading fantasy stories. I also enjoy singing as part of the University of Waterloo Chamber Choir—feel free to come see us!

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