Delve into the Future of Earth Observation

Combining advanced satellite and drone remote sensing tech to revolutionize the way your company runs



Changes can be monitored daily in order to accurately track any changes

Frequent Monitoring

More for Less

Obtain cost effective data for extremely large and remote areas

Obtain Insights

We use our advanced algorithms to accurately process and interpret satellite data



Greatest Precision

Resolution as high as 1 cm can be obtained, giving you ultimate clarity


Drones can fly under cloud cover giving you data in a greater variety of weather conditions

More Analytics

With more sensors and greater resolutions we can derive even more useful information

Combining Drone and Satellite Data

How we revolutionize your industry


Receive insight like never before with NDVI, potassium, nitrogen, heat stress maps and more


Receive a birds eye view of your project and gain the information you need to manage effectively


Survey potential sites, check your equipment and monitor the surrounding the environment  


Observe claim events in real time, validate risk models and identify new market opportunities


Unprecedented visibility into your country's infrastructure and environment

Supply Chain

Track maritime movements  and monitor inventory stockpiles world wide


Receive aerial insight into your mining operation and increase safety and efficiency

Business Intelligence

Predict market changes by observing unannounced company developments, predict agriculture yields and much more


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